Benefits of Shepherds Purse plant

This medical plant contains alkaloids, substances such as thiamine, histamine, histidine, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, organic acids, tannins, lectins, bitter compounds, essential oils, minerals and vitamins. Analeptic properties shepherds purse, you can adjust blood pressure, and also a hemostatic grass, strong vasoconstrictor able to stimulate leukocytosis.


Hemostatic and vasoconstrictor effects and can be used to treat all types of bleeding, nosebleeds, stomach bleeding, and menorrhagia.

It has a large effect on the uterus, the menstrual cycle and finish setting up heavy uterine bleeding.

Conditions such as atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, it is advisable to drink tea shepherds purse, which can adjust the pressure.

Long-term treatment with nasal fancy tea or tincture to prevent hemorrhoids and menstrual cycle, especially in the case of women with hypertension or suffer from obesity.

In the case of stress or anxiety, the use of purse shepherd mix, is recommended. In addition, in the case of insect bites, wounds herbs massaged into the ground.

In case of bleeding hemorrhoids, small bowel enema hot bath or a shepherd of his wallet containing infusion is an effective treatment. In addition, women who have breast slack water content during the heat of the shepherds purse and apply it to their chest in small quantities.

This herb shepherds purse factory has good results in drug-related muscle pain. In the case of muscular atrophy, it is advisable to rub the stain with trace shepherds purse and drank four cups of herbal tea mantle of the Virgin. This treatment can also be applied in cases of hernia.

Diets based on shepherds purse lasts about 15 days after 15 days in a row from being taken. The women began treatment 10 days before their menstrual cycle.