Benefits of Silverweed plant

Features and Benefits of Silverweed

This medical plant is rich in tannin, a bitter flavone elements, mineral salts and essential oils. Due to these characteristics, silverweed many beneficial effects, analgesics hard, spasmolytic, anti-diuretic, healing and hemostasis.


Silverweed is used in the treatment of both internal and external range of body care. It is used as a tea to ease stomach cramps, heavy periods also adjust and relieve pain.

In the case of renal calculosis (kidney stones) and arthritis, treatment with the tea plant is recommended.

In folk medicine, a medicine used to silverweed severe diarrhea, bleeding, uric stones, vagina leakage, skin ulceration and anemia.

Externally, the medical plant is used by the local method of washing in the case of whiteness. Drugs for skin ulceration and inflammation of the gums, poultices can be applied, which permeate the tea.

Silverweed used in medicine irritated skin and fat in the form of sprays or cold poultices, have skin softening properties.