Benefits of Wheat

Medical plant Wheat angle considering the condition of demineralization, anemia, fatigue, growth, rickets, tuberculosis, pregnancy, lactation. Also recommended that sterile. Wheat contains B 2 or 3 times more vitamins than common wheat. Thus, seed germination is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases and respiratory disorders. It also has the ability to balance the weight of the body.

wheat crops as medical plant for 3-6 months are used for more serious disease and people suffering from demineralization. Daily dose is 3-6 tablespoons for adults and children 3.1, given before meals. For the kids, wheat germ powder supplied, including bottles of milk, mixed with other grains, milk, honey, fruit juice or food.

Wheat is useless to fight against cholesterol, because it contains essential fatty acids prevent the development of fat in the blood vessel walls. Or, are also good for cancer.