Health Benefits of Wild Strawberry

this medical plant is Strawberry juice, are recommended drugs for liver diseases such as hepatitis, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. It would be better if the juice is consumed on an empty stomach, 3 cups a day. Juice stimulates the activity of the liver and stimulate the renewal of liver cells and tissues.

Diabetes, goutiness, high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis can be prevented and reduced after 12 days of treatment in wild strawberries. If a vegetarian diet-related, the effects of drugs in circulation.

Symptoms of arthritis can be overcome by continuing treatment for 12 days with wild strawberries. Within advisable shower today and expose the area suffered in the sun for an hour.

medical plant
wild strawberry If no allergic reaction, strawberry bushes have a major impact in the treatment of skin diseases like acne, dermatitis and psoriasis, catalyze the healing process. Secondary positive effects of treatment, with detoxification of the body due to the fact that strawberries help to eliminate toxins through three channels: diuresis, perspiration and excretion.

Intestinal transit set to 150-200g of strawberries are consumed before meals. In case of chronic constipation, then you can mix the strawberries with honey and an hour and a half after consumption is recommended to drink a glass of pure water.

In the best case oxiuris to consume 500 grams of strawberries in the morning (7:00) and nothing else until noon. This diet should be followed for 10 days.

Strawberries drugs are also recommended during the summer to increase the resistance to high temperatures. It has a cooling effect and stimulates the nervous system, acts against fatigue and asthenia occur during hot weather.

Wild strawberry is a panacea that prevents wrinkles and skin refreshed. Strawberry puree used for facials have a great impact even in cases of people who have changed the color of the skin.

medical plant Wild strawberry is also an excellent remedy for athlete's foot. The mixture is prepared in the summer of 250 g of strawberries to the left of Peter in a liter of water in the bowl narrow. This mixture can be used by those who think that the consequences of an athlete's foot by applying age on the painful area.