White Lily health benefits (Lilium candidum - Liliaceae Fam.)

Medical plant white lily could be healing, which can be used to treat various injuries, both external and internal have healing effects. They are also useful for pain relief. It can also be used as an expectorant for bronchial secretions to melt.

Bulb is used primarily for respiratory diseases, which can be cured with light conditions and can provide better evidence for serious illness.

Medical plant white lily Can also be used to calm the nervous system. It is also useful for treating heart disease because the heart beats set mainly in cases of stress or poor.

this medical plant Can be used for the following medical conditions: abscesses, burns, bad dreams, eye disease, nerve stimulation, sore throat, ulcers, inflammation of the larynx, upper airway inflammation, swelling of the ears, insomnia, ear infections, heart palpitations, nail infections, wound , stress, loss of memory (internal healing taken with 2-3 cups of tea a day, preferably prepared from the petals), dry cough.