European Silver Fir health benefits

More recently, the medical plant resin used to treat various diseases. Melt, mixed with wax and scent obtained was placed on a piece of cloth to tie inflammation, infection or ulceration on her.

In some parts mixed with beef fat, spiders and wheat flour. Also mixed with beeswax, fresh butter, ash and horse leather foot of privet, macerated in brandy, and then boiled until the ointment, which is used to brush swelling.

Resin soaked in brandy yeast taken in the morning, a table spoon at the time of fear.

In young pine branch of folk medicine is also used in anti-rheumatic.

Of those with raw leaf tea or syrup is ready, to cough chest pain, are also consumed as lung fortifier.

Drink hot green tea for stomach aches and heart cone.

Decoct drunk young shoots in spring, against scrophula, and knags pine, burning and land boards, against punctures. In Salciua, decoct with leather bands placed around the neck for pain and inflammation, and boiled leaf compresses against heart disease. Cones make soup to stay warm in the mouth to relieve toothache.