Figwort health benefits (Scrophularia nodosa - Fam Scrophularia)

Figwort for medical plant is a common medication for swelling and wounds.

Against skin rashes, plant boiled and wash the affected area with decoct or used against forest fires and tonsillitis. Bath is prepared using the flower stems, against rheumatism and leg pain.
Stem root is given as anthelmintic.

The chemical composition of the figwort are:
Aerial parts, bitter substances, saponins, diosmin, alkaloids, acids, caffeic, cumaric, ferulic. Sucrose, mannitol, mineral salts,

The bottom soil containing caffeic acid cumaric, hydroxibenzene,

Attention! These plants are poisonous and should not be overdosed, because it contains saponins, a strong effect on blood thinning, which can cause unwanted accidents. It also has a very strong reputation.

Features: This is a plant with stiff hemolizing action, anthelmintic, etc.