Benefits of Garlic

this medical plant could be treat gout, and ensure overall health.Garlic is a plant native to Africa and Central Asia. It is found and used by the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Jews, Greeks and Romans. Garlic has an area known in modern herbal medicine. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, when the population is facing a major catastrophe, garlic as medical plant is used too often as a protective drug. Gaining popularity of robbers who had to fend off the plague by using antiseptic garlic vinegar. As a result, garlic is known as the best antidote against the plague with the name "Vinegar of the Four Thieves." Diuretic properties discovered by Bartholius, the recommended drug for malaria, while Sydenham would recommend as a treatment for dropsy.

The active compound of garlic volatile oil, a mixture of allyl sulfides and oxides in a state of almost pure, two very important mineral components of antibiotics (sulfur, iodine, zinc and manganese) and vitamins B and C.

The main therapeutic properties of garlic described it as a digestive, antibacterial antiseptic, stimulant, reduces high blood pressure, gland regulators, diuretics and even cancer deterrent.

Internally, garlic is not widely used by the strong odor that remains in the mouth. However, it is still often used to cure various diseases: eating 2-3 cloves of garlic a day can have wonderful results with drug pharyngitis and intestinal infections. It is also against the complications of the flu