Health benefits of Garden Angelica

Name of this medical plant are Holy Spirit, wild celery, angelica and Norway. A special factory is very rarely found in natural vegetation, but widely cultivated for its effects on various conditions. This is very useful in a variety of conditions, but can be used even by those who suffer from diseases for special effects in the body. The Chinese call it Dong quoi and are also recommended for many diseases.

Traditionally,this medical plants are grown for use in the pharmaceutical industry for preparation of alcoholic drinks and snacks and spirits. It is also a drug to "strengthen the heart," as the expectorant and to relieve abdominal pain.

By making soup mixed with vinegar, massage and bathing conducted on back pain and rheumatism. Roots and stems in the treatment of fungal fruit brandy sauce is used as an internal condition and stomach tonic.

A poultice of leaves smeared with honey and rue leaves are placed in the snake and dog bites, then squeezed the blood from the wound.