Health Benefits of Wormwood plant

Medical plant of Wormwood containing sugar, bitter, absinthol, tannin, chlorophyll and malic acid. The core contains thujone, tanacetone, azulene and cadinene (increased muscle tone and is active in the area where the seizures come). It also contains vitamins B6 and C. This is a powerful tonic, antiseptic, antipyretic, anti-diarrhea, and regulate menstruation.

Treatment of this medical plant

Because it is a digestive tonic, increase bile secretion when administered as an infusion of wormwood. If given in the form of powder (0.5 to 2 g of honey or sugar) that help the human body to reduce fever.

Infusion is also good against stomach worms and oxiuris. Against intestinal worms, wormwood tincture is recommended to be given for 9 days of recovery.

Bitter compounds and components of essential oils is the act of saving pull the stomach, anti-inflammatory and anthelmintic. Wormwood diuresis increased and can be used as a laxative.

Closed Pelin Wormwood recommended for the treatment of liver failure, renal edema, anemia and the absence of the menstrual cycle. It is also good for anxiety and gout and are generally good for all diseases associated with water retention in the tissues.

Medical plant
Wormwood is a very good healing. Infusion can be used to treat ulcers and oil can be applied to the wound.

The exterior is also used to treat hemorrhoids and vaginitis.