Wood spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides) health benefits

wood spurge medical plant
Traditionally, plants thrive in an interest rate used in a lot of people dying eggs, fibers and fabrics.

The wood spurge, careful dose by older women, an expert in medicinal plants, has many applications in medicine, humans and animals. LaTeX plants use to fight infections, warts and freckles.

In the area of ??Bran, wood spurge is placed in the ear against toothache.

Flower stalks are boiled to make soup and help wash the wounds and scabies.

The plant is boiled in the head is placed in a cluster, with the cloth, against headache.

Drinking warm water for washing and abdominal pain, take a small dose of wheat flour.

It is cooked in sweet milk or water and manage a high fever. Also used for rheumatic pain or sores on the body of the sick. "Wood spurge boiled in water and the resulting broth is used to wash their bodies, while the axis is used to promote. No longer used as a medicinal plant, abandoned by other plants that have broader implications for the treatment of this disease is found, the plant is not poisonous.

Chemical composition medical plant are

- LaTeX, rubber, resins, fats and refined oils, tannins, albumin, etc.