Thorn apple health benefits (Datura stramonium - Solanaceae Fam.

medical plant thorn apple medicinal treatment Traditional: green leaves, but especially the fire struck, was placed over the wound to remove the cat.

Water on the leaves are used for eye disease.

Wound is washed with decoct the leaves are also used to drive.

They are boiled and placed in poultices for sore throat.

Also used to fight disease and arthritic feet. The seeds are placed in brandy yeast, rubbed the disease when later, and then let the sun heat or fire.

In some areas, once again taking a bath for rheumatism.

In carefully selected dose, which is used internally. Ground seeds or roots or leaves the ground with water is placed in brandy.

Diarrhea with blood, is used to make the thorn-apple-head, who has cracked more black bean, seeds are carried cracks, burns, dust, dust divided into 8 sections 9 and shoot and then divide the remaining 3, administration of 3 in the morning with brandy. It mixes with alcohol, also used against rupture. Parts of air are used for clothing in case of ascites. Also used to fight arthritis and bronchial asthma.

Thorn apple tea, along with birch leaves and berries are used for diabetes, given 3 times daily before meals.

The chemical composition of a stramonium

It contains the following alkaloids: leucine, aspartate, cysteic, glutamic acid, (enzymes, organic acids - oxalic, malic, citric, fumaric, succinic, lactic aconitic,), refined petroleum, minerals, etc.

medical plant thorn apple Characteristics: The leaves and seeds are anti-asthmatic, anti-malarial, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, especially in the conditions of the stomach.

Due to the small amount of scopolamine, also has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

Note also the remarkable results obtained for Parkinson was.