Thyme health benefits (Tymus vulgaris - Fam. Labiate)

make soup or mashed vegetables and mix with brandy is stored at the mouth against toothache. thyme medical plant also consumes a stomach ache. For wounds, placing thyme, with its leaves, in which hot water is poured into the wound for several minutes.

Flower stems are best for paralysis or venereal disease.

The chemical composition of thyme

Bitter substances: serpiline oil, refined (thymol, cineole, carvacrol), terpene hydrocarbons (cymene, piméné, phellandrene, terpene, Avens, Cardin, myrcene, terpineol), saponins, oxygen compounds, alcohols, fatty oils, glycosides, flavonoids and rosemarinic caffeic acid, tannins.