Tansy health benefits (Crysanthemum balsamita - Fam. Compositae)

leaves of this medical plant are often used in many areas, sores, swollen, infected wounds, applied oil, burn or crushed and mixed with fat.

Accompanied by onion, yarrow and mint ointment few are prepared for the swelling. Plants dried in a warm place, crushed and then mixed with butter, lamb fat oil, and honey, melted goose fat in a pan. After mixed with bread, wheat flour was introduced to characterize. The resulting paste is divided into two. One half is placed on the chest and coughing after half an hour after it is cold, the other half is added.

Tansy medical plant is tied together with garlic, cooked and mixed with the incense of the earth, basil and costmary.

Make broth will remain at the mouth of thrush and toothache.

The roots of the ground, soaked in vinegar, is placed in the stomach from a hernia.

The decoct the shoot and leaves are eaten mainly the lungs and liver disease. Make a decoction is given to women after childbirth as a fortifier and to stop the bleeding.

In many areas, make the broth has been used for washing the head against headaches and stimulating hair growth and prevent loss.

It is also in the bathroom that are weak to make it stronger.

Tansy pharmaceutical action

Anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, diuretic, stomachic, anti-spasticity. Which stimulates hair growth.